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Marketing DNA Transformation

In the current dramatic changes and increased complexities of business environment, it is becoming very difficult for companies to remain profitable. On the other hand, as companies are shifting their focus from domestic business to overseas, there is a growing need for a flexible organization to address the global market conditions. To cope with the changing business environment and achieve organizational flexibility, it is necessary to bring change into organizational structure and business processes, starting with DNA transformation. To carry out DNA transformation, we offer two solutions:

DNA Identification

Change of DNA is indispensable to evolution of a living thing. Similarly, enterprises DNA too, is not static, but constantly evolving. To survive competition as a winner, a company should permeate its DNA, which comprises of vision, mission, best practices etc., to all corners of its organization. In order for a company to continue surviving as a winner of competition, you have to make the best practice of the vision missions which are DNA of a company, or each process permeate to all the corners of an organization. Also, it is necessary to continuously update DNA with the insights learned by the organization from actions. The first step is to clearly identify the enterprise DNA. Through interviews with key departments and conducting corporate analysis, we help companies to identify and document their DNA.

DNA Identification

Dissemination of Enterprise DNA

After identifying the DNA, it is necessary to disseminate it across the organization. To permeate DNA across the organization, we offer the following solutions:

Plan for Internal Branding based on DNA
Analyze the features of DNA of each company in the group, and plan the most efficient Internal Branding

A plan/implementation of the in-house training of DNA
Plan & Execution of internal DNA training

Set KPI for DNA dissemination
Set up of an index to measure the actual understanding of DNA across the organization