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Marketing 4P Optimization Solution

By structuring and implementing a Statistical model, effect of Marketing 4P (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) can be estimated more correctly. Consequently, it is possible to realized activities which are more effective and efficient. The technique which CMO Worldwide adopts would build a statistics model using variables relevant to client company’s target. By using variables based on actual activity, we build a statistical model which keeps evolving.

We build various models based on the data which can be obtained and the Corporate strategy of the client company. For example some of the models are pricing model, a model which proposes the measure optimal in order to compute secession possibility based on a customer's activity and to prevent secession etc.

Marketing 4P Optimization solution framework


It is possible to structure an evolving database marketing
By inputting the latest information (change in variables and the results thereof), statistical model will evolve and make it possible to a reply with high precision. In other words, the conclusions which so far have been based on the personnel know-how of an Individual expert, who is in charge, would continuously evolve further, as drawing conclusions based on statistical data is made possible.
Realization of PDCA cycle, which can respond to the speed of Market changes
When using conventional statistical model, after obtaining the data, it takes time to draw correlations and make a response which is considered as suitable. Our solution makes it possible to build a statistics model which will enable to draw optimal decisions making use of large data available on a weekly basis.
It is possible to handle various variables
In the conventional model, the only way to design a database is by considering some variables which are assumed to have some level of correlativity. In our solution, we estimate what kind of effect would be brought in by the changes in variables set, based on the actual data within the model and make it possible to estimate the results from the changes in the variables for the next activity. Therefore, it is possible to use a data which will be more accurate that it was so far. Moreover, it is possible to handle text-based contents as well.

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