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Communication Optimization Solution

Our ‘Communication Optimization’ solution supports in realizing improvement of Marketing ROI by verifying various scenarios of Corporate advertisement activities through validation of target market, creativity and media distribution.


Realization of the continuous improvement through ‘kaizen’, by identifying issues
Rather than focusing on just one marketing activity, we would identify issues by performing overall objective analysis to continuously carry out PDCA cycle which is identifying issues and resolving them. Through this, we support execution of activities in a better manner.
Evaluation of effectiveness of the current KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), based on Corporate strategy
To set-up a measure to evaluate the effectiveness of client company’s marketing activities, we define KPIs which are compatible to their corporate strategy. Through this, we conduct an objective analysis of the impact of the company’s marketing activities on their Corporate strategy
Identify improvement points (for Kaizen) through 4M framework
By improvement points (for Kaizen) through a new framework called 4M - Motivation, Message, Media (communication vehicle) and Maximization), we support realization of more effective and more efficient activities
Objective, detailed and effective understanding based on Consumer research through experimental design and continuous follow-up
To perform an objective evaluation in order to comprehend the effectiveness, we apply the techniques recognized by European and American research authorities, which combines experimental design and continuous follow-up.

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