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Breakthrough in Challenging Business Environment - Enterprise DNA Transformation

With dramatic changes and growing complexities in the business complexity and home and abroad, maintaining profitability has become a challenge to companies. To counter this situation and accelerate growth, drastic change in the corporate citizen consciousness is required. The actions to achieve this change are:

Enterprise DNA Transformation

Define “Marketing “ improvement through PDCA, lay out the transformation of Corporate DNA which forms the concrete guidelines for thoughts and actions, and implement the transformation through training

Marketing Organization/Process Transformation

Create CMO (Chief Marketing Executive) role to lead marketing to achieve effective realization of organizational & process transformation

Activity Optimization through Marketing Modeling

Optimize marketing activities by structuring a marketing model using state-of-the-art statistical methods. Various marketing data is modeled based on KPI using latest techniques, and linked to the optimize the activities through measurement, analysis, and improvements (kaizen )

CMO Worldwide offers solutions to realize the above actions.

Solution Overview

Marketing DNA Transformation


Design of Marketing organization and techniques should be integrated into the enterprise DNA. Our ‘Marketing DNA Transformation’ solution realizes transformation of marketing aspects of enterprise DNA and clearly defining it resulting in a marketing focused enterprise.

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Marketing Process and Organization Reengineering


Marketing can be mode more effective by improving the marketing processes and organization. Our ‘Marketing Process and Organization Reengineering’ solution identifies the improvement areas in marketing processes and organization and supports implementation of the identified improvements.

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Communication Optimization


Our ‘Communication Optimization’ solution supports in realizing improvement of Marketing ROI by verifying various scenarios of Corporate advertisement activities through validation of target market, creativity and media distribution.

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Marketing 4P Optimization


Through our ‘Marketing 4P Optimization’ solution , we build a statistical model of marketing data which increases the accuracy by always inserting the latest data based on data accumulated through various marketing activities. Our solution estimates the effectiveness of marketing activities and helps in achieving marketing ROI.

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